Exotic Race Policy

At the moment we have six races available for application without restriction: Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, Zebras, Griffons Seaponies, and Batponies. Some people have ideas for more exotic races for their characters, such as changelings or dragons. The reason these races are restricted is for ease of play for both the staff and the playerbase: by limiting the types of characters available on the MUSH, we are able to have a less intrusive system in place for character generation. Anyone can go to the login screen and create a new character at the drop of a hat, with no review from staff necessary (although we do still keep tabs on new characters to make sure they're not weird things like time traveling space police! (true story)). By including races that are significantly more powerful or with easily abusable powers, however, we would need to make character generation a more involved process before you're allowed on the grid.

However, we also believe that PonyMUSH can only grow into a greater game when there is greater dialogue between staff and player, so we are implementing a system to approve exotic races on a case-by-case. First of all, we will only give consideration to established players who have shown that they are active RPers capable of leading plots. This is to help make sure that new players to the game become familiar with our theme and what is and isn't outside of the box before we let them bend the rules too far.

Please note that 'capable of leading plots' is the key idea here. It's entirely possible to be an active and respected member of the game but not have demonstrated that you can run your own story. Players being given an exotic race character are expected to be able to generate scenes for other people, rather than simply be reactionary to others' plots.

Prospective players will work with staff to make sure that their character fits our established theme for their race. If you're the first person to apply for a character from a race this does give you a certain degree of leeway in how that canon is implemented, but ultimately it is staff decision on how nonstandard pony types work in the game.

Where normal character approval usually consists of Trixie spotting new players in the OOC Lounge and poking them until they do something interesting, exotic characters will have a slightly more involved chargen process. The staff would like to know a bit more about how your character ticks, how being away from others of their kind is affecting them, and justification for what they're doing in Horseshoe Harbor in the first place among other things. This is to ensure that you're giving serious thought to the character as opposed to simply "playing a power set".

We may ask that you have a plot planned out for your character, especially if your character is from a race traditionally considered villainous, with a theorized resolution and a few ideas of how other players can get involved. Major plot points should be charted, but the steps between points A and B are best left open-ended so the players who get involved can come up with their own solutions with only minimal GM help in case they get stumped. Know that YOU, the prospective player, are the GM for this plot! Staff will be available to assist and offer advice as you need it, but if you're going to be getting the character then you've got to be able to run the show.

Lastly, final review of your character will be done by a three member tribunal of staff members, working under a majority rule system. In the event that one of the staffers is undecided and a majority cannot be achieved then the character will be considered rejected. In the event of a rejection we will explain our reasoning and what changes need to be made in order to get you on the grid.