Earth Ponies
Art of Winter-Solstice. Drawn by Fluttershy.
Earth Ponies
Example Concepts: Farmer, explorer, guard
Notable Earth Ponies: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Photo Finish, Cheerliee, Hoity Toity


Earth ponies have a more solid connection to the earth, and to animals, than the other races do. In the episode Hearth's Warming Eve, they're explained as being the only race that can grow food. They tend to be heartier and stronger than the other races.

Earth ponies have a single cantrip they can work. Cantrips are magical talents that you don't exactly focus on to make happen. Most of the time they're so subtle you don't even realize you're doing something magical. Some cantrips are a bit more obvious than others, like Pinkie Sense. Others are more inborn like the strength of the Apple family.

For more information see the MLP Wikia entry about them.

Earth Ponies in Horseshoe Harbor

The same is true here in the harbor: the Earth Ponies are largely the ones that work the farms, and do much of the labor. They also form much of the protection force, the Harbor Watch.