Name: Dustdevil
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Storm Cloud Binoculars and Rope
Talents: Search and Rescue
Weaknesses: uncertainity
You see a somewhat lanky redish tan Pegasi. This wild flyer has a mane of mainly brown with a dark blue streak running through it. His color streak matches up in his tail which is also as disheveled as his mane. His wings look strong and look to be well kept unlike the rest of his form, which tends to look a bit messed up, or at least not 'Canterlot-groomed' He sports a vest with hoof pouches for stashing various nick-knacks in or other 'search n' rescue' related stuff, and even slings one hefty looking bit of rope over his mid back just betwixt his wings. note, before coming here my name was Dustnrain
Player: Dustdevil
Status: Missing in Action, presumed dead