Dream Daze
Name: Dream-Daze
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: A shiny little thoughtbubble with a heart in it.
Talents: Dream Diving/Dream Projection
Weaknesses: Mute
Here we have a small, unicorn filly whom goes by the name of Dream Daze. She's colored a dark blue, like the colors of a darkened evening sky, fading to a lighter blue by the tips of her hooves in a smooth faded transition. Her mane is long and well kept, but allowed to hang down almost to her hooves, and is colored a slightly lighter shade of blue than the dark of her body, with bangs that serve to frame her amber-colored eyes or obscure her face. Her tail's even lighter blue than her mane, long and tied with a few ribbons down the length of it. Seated on her flank, her cutiemark is a shimmery thoughtbubble, like those found in comicbooks, with a heart icon inside of it. As a final accessory, the little filly has acquired a nametag, which she's decided to hang on a string around her neck. It reads: "Hello, My name is Dream Daze"
Player: Applejack