Dj Pon3 (Fallout Equestria)

Heya Everypony, this is your host DJ PON3 reporting to you live from Tenpony Tower here in Manehatten. I'm just bringing you all the latest news and events from the Equestrian Wasteland, this little part of my broadcast is aimed right for the edge of Equestria, a little wasteland town beside the sea, the Former Horseshoe Harbor! and the surrounding community of Crane-Town and even Stable 16 that just opened up recently, Good Morning to all my little ponies out that way!


Big news everypony, and ghoul too! We'll be moving here soonish to new digs new station n' everything! Thanks go out to a former ministry mare Fluttershy, and to all the ponies that put in time, effort, and support to get this project started! I'd especially like to thank the crew of PonyMUSH for supporting us in this endevor, and for us to continue the efforts of Fallout Equestria! Thank You All!

Here's some music by some pony by the name of Crescent with a little piece called, We're All Heroes Guess this one still needs a little work, but it sounds pretty nice so far! Goodnight Everypony!


Flyers have sprung up around town recently, advertising a little trip! It seems the historian and forgetful keeper of the books Codex has located something he wants, and is looking for assistance in getting to it. So come along, one and all. Chances are, nothing dangerous will happen, think of it as a refreshing jaunt in to the irradiated, blasted wasteland, fun for the whole family!


Of course it will be, so pack your things and meet with Codex and his lovely partner Clean Sweep on spring 26 at 5:00PM (16/04/2013 5:00PM Mush time)

The beginnings of our first FO:E Episode, titled, Forget-Me-Not!