Ethical Rules

Although we allow younger players, we expect our playerbase to act with maturity. If you feel you can't responsibly follow our guidelines, then you can leave. The teal-deer version of our rules is that we expect all people on the game — staff and players alike — to act like decent human beings. But for everyone's sake, read through these guidelines.

Keep to the spirit of the show.

Though we allow a greater breadth of rating and themes than the show tends to offer, we still want everyone to keep to the spirit of the show. This MUSH hinges on cooperation and discussion. We request that everyone be kind to each other, and welcoming to newcomers. Focus on having fun and generating RP.

Not everyone has to be friends.

That said, that doesn't mean you have to be friends with everyone. We recognize that not everyone can get along. If you run into someone you absolutely cannot get along with or interact with civilly, then don't interact with them. It's okay if you can't be friends with everyone. If you really need to vent some anger, we find that writing some hulk-ku helps. Some people are Pinkie Pies, and other people are Gildas. And that's okay.

Don't feed the trolls.

Doubtless, we'll get trolls logging on. Who cares? Don't bait them. Leave them alone and they'll go away. No big deal.

It's not about you.

If someone doesn't want to RP with you, then don't worry about it. It's not about you. Everyone is here to have fun. Don't make a big deal, and just move on.

Take appropriate discussion to the appropriate channel.

We have several different channels for different reasons. You can view them all with '@clist' or at the Channel Guide. The reason we have so many channels is because while we think everyone should be allowed to express, not everyone has to listen to it. If someone asks you to take it to a channel, please do so graciously. On the same coin, if you must ask someone to take it to a channel, remember to be polite. Don't make demands.

Agree to disagree.

Not everyone will agree. That's okay. If you get into a heated discussion or debate, please either take it to the Discussion channel or agree to disagree.

Have a sense of humor.

This is just a game. Let me repeat this: this is just a game. Stuff happens. Have a sense of humor about things! If you find yourself throwing a fit over something that's happening in game, perhaps you need to take a step back and examine yourself. You're playing a technicolor pony over telnet. What's not funny about that?


In-character actions = in-character consequences. Though this is a consent-based game, that doesn't mean you can escape bad things happening to your character altogether. If you constantly run into the pony-eating hydra camp and demand you not die, something is wrong and actions will be taken. You need to stop running into the pony-eating hydra camp! Don't abuse the consent system.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

Seriously, things are better when everyone is on the same page. Talk to each other out of character about your plans. Coordinate. Don't walk all over someone else's toes.

No abuse.

Don't abuse the system, the staff, the other players… anything. NO ABUSE! We shouldn't have to say this.

We are harsh and unfeeling gods.

This is largely an autonomous MUSH, with staff who won't be necessarily in everyone's business. We expect everyone to be on their best behavior and police themselves to the best of their ability. But should it come down to a point when the staff get involved, this is not a democracy. We are harsh and unfeeling gods. We want to keep the feeling of our MUSH light and undrama'd. If we have to step in, expect no mercy. So work it out yourselves if you can.

Need some specific examples of unacceptable behavior?

Some examples of policy breach includes:

  • Hacking another player's PC object.
  • Spying on other players through the use of code, including Invisible Objects.
  • Hacking any aspect of the MUSH, be it hard or soft code.
  • Attempting to impersonate a Staff Member or a Fellow Player in any fashion, be it @emits or anything else.
  • Unnecessary vulgarity in public forums such as the OOC room and public channel.
  • Any acts of racism, bigotry and lack of tolerance for others.
  • Lying to staff members.
  • Lying about, or otherwise attempting to falsely incriminate other players or staffers.
  • Intentional violation of written rules.
  • Harassment.
  • Baiting or provoking other players or staff to anger. This includes playing characters whose primary/only intent is to antagonize.
  • Using OOC information for roleplay. Including inconclusive OOC information such as using your feelings on a matter OOCly to influence your roleplay.
  • Posing your PC doing things beyond the means of their abilities.
  • Using Player Run Plots as a means to attack other player characters.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's a very good one.
We also yanked it wholesale from Tenebrae MUSH.

What to do if you see someone breaking the rules

1. Talk to them

Don't be a jerk about it, first of all. But it doesn't hurt to point it out. If you're having a conflict, work it out yourselves. Be mature about it.

2. Talk to a staff member

If you need mediation, you can talk to a staff member. Again, don't expect mercy.

3. Karma

Use the karma system. (Pinkie will talk about this more)