Cross Redfeather
Name: Dr. Cross Redfeather
Race: Griffon
Guild Tattoo: A Red Cross (For medical)
Talents: Griffon Medical Guild
Weaknesses: Skiddishness
This griffion looks like a cross between an overgrown housecat siamese cat, and a red-tailed hawk. Tan-brown leads to redtipped feathers, and a redtuffed tail. She is well shorter than most pony females even though she looks to carry herself as a fully grown griffon. She is clothed in a vest and shoulder pack, that sits between her wings. The pack looks to be a travel bag and also a bag that is evidently utilized for medical purposes. A stethascope hangs about her neck, and she also wears some odd zebra talismans which could be translated to something hoping for 'peace and good health' but they are merely for decoration or some symbol that she practices first aid, and also may use Zebra methods to obtain healthy ponies and friends.
Player: Cross