Characters (Fallout Equestria)
Name Race Talent Weakness Misc Player
Grinder Unicorn Scavanging Weak Morals Filly of the wastland Solar-Wind
Codex Earth Pony Data Collecting Forgetfulness Rising-Chaos
Overhaul Pegasus Improves creations Poor Communication Stable Born Crescent
Clean-Sweep Unicorn Hiding Filth Germophobe Plot-Twist
Snakebite Pegasus Potions & Elixirs Addictive Personality Dashite Sodium-Fizz
Patches Pegasus EMT Medic High altitude flying Coral-Splash
Pop-Kettle Earth Pony Cooking easily spooked Fluttershy
Solar-Wind Pegasus Fireguard Wasteland Guardian Lost Soul Seeks information about his wife, and her history. Canterlot Ghoul Its Me Silly!
Plot-Twist Pegasus SheriffPre-War Won't Back Down Historic references Plot-Twist