Character List

Active Characters

Name Race Talent Weakness Player Job Age
Aliella Zebra Excavation Personal Space Issues Nocturne Wannabe Explorer 9
Amber-Shot Earth Pony Mixology Accepting Responsibility ThirdAnguis Bartender 26
Asana Earth Pony Yoga Forgiving to a Fault Moonglow Hermit 87
Barnacle Unicorn Synergy Selfishness Barnacle 18
Big Red Robin Griffon Fighting/Cooking Insomnia Big Red Chef, Ex-Mercenary 36
Blackbird Earth Pony Invention Snowballing Emotions Fluttershy Local schoolteacher 30
Blaze-Song Seapony Music Overthinking things Blaze-Song Smith, Enchanter 24
Bolt-Cutter Unicorn Lock- and Blacksmithing Morally Challenged Swift-Wind 15
Captain-Stratus Pegasus Public Service and Justice Fear of Discovery Captain-Stratus 33
Caramel Sufganiyah Earth Pony Master Thievery Self-Sabotage Third Anguis Mysterious Thief 30
Coffee-Mug Earth Pony Making Coffee Easily Agitated Third Anguis Barista 34
Contact Earth Pony Exposition Not Being Forthright Contact 30
Coral-Splash Seapony Water Races Backing Down Coral-Splash 16
Crescent Unicorn Fixing things Too much or too little focus Crescent Repairpony 28
Daisychain Pegasus Tying things together Poor vision Crescent Sailor 26
Dragonheart Earth Pony ?? Social Graces Fluttershy Foal 5
Dream-Daze Unicorn Dreams and Visions Mute Applejack Schoolfoal 9
Dustdevil Pegasus Search and Rescue Uncertainty Dustdevil Search and Rescue 33
Dusty Moon Ray Unicorn Repairing and reading books Mistreated books and Dirtiness Elk42 22
Eclipse Unicorn Astronomy Perfectionism Tick-Tock 46
Emerald-Isle Pegasus Art Can't finish without inspiration or motivation Crescent Painter 18
Fidget Pegasus Causing Mischief Attention Span Fidget Prankster 18
Fireside-Frolic Unicorn Fire Magic Anger issues Sadaka Angsty teen troublemaker 16
Gamble Unicorn Pretty Darn Lucky Gambling/Cheating Applejack Substitute Teacher 18
Garland Griffon Acting Gets Stuck in Character Crescent Actress 25
Gem-Song Pegasus Music Making Friends Gem-Song 16
Gil-Globus Griffon Things That Go Bang Explosion Fixation, Pride Gil-Globus 18
Ginger-Spice Unicorn Cooking Hot-Blooded, Innocent Sodium-Fizz Chef 16
Gizmo-Waltz Earth Pony Dancing Extreme Clumsiness Sweet-Dreams 19
Goody-Horseshoes Unicorn Bringing out the good in ponies Doesn't take care of himself Crescent Captain of the Maid Mareian 31
Gravity Griffon Trouble Overconfidence Gravity Ratcatcher 32
Gustaff Griffon Athletics Easily Distracted Windrose Errand Boy 12
Hawthorn Unicorn Illusions Intensely Naive Thistle-Fair 13
Hayseed Unicorn Growing and caring for all sorts of plants Stubborn and reckless Sadaka Gardener 19
Heartsong Pegasus Inspiration through song Timid, over-emotional Sadaka Bard 16
Hemlock Earth Pony Mixing Herbs Superstitious Rising Chaos Herbalist 50
Hoarfrost Unicorn Unknown Albino Fidget Schoolfoal 10
Jellybean Pegasus Guessing Things Easily Confused Jellybean Weather Pony 18
Kludge Earth Pony Sturdy construction Sucker for a good cause Kludge Mainly carpenter 21
Kusaka Zebra Finding Things Stubborn Skyshear 24
Lavender Earth Pony Perfect balance Irrational fearlessness Rainbow Dash Schoolfoal 12
Lorelei Seapony Singing Vain and curious Sadaka Mayor 20
Magpie Unicorn "Finding" valuables Greed Magpie Pickpocket 12
Mbaya-Ndoto Zebra Weaving Holds Grudges Bad Swift-Wind Weaver 22
Midnight Sun Pegasus Secrets Cowardice Midnight-Sun Researcher 24
Moka Zebra All Things Coffee Caffeine Dependence Crescent Coffee Merchant 31
Moonglow Pegasus Astronomy Ooh! Shiny! Moonglow Tutor 38
Muzaji Zebra Aquisition Overly Curious Windrose Trader & Smuggler 29
Nocturne Unicorn Classical Guitar Emotionally Unstable Nocturne Local musician 22
Noodle Pegasus Noodle Cook Scatterbrained Fluttershy Local Chef…sort of 25
North-Star Pegasus Cartography Overactive Imagination North-Star 25
Ocha Earth Pony Growing and Brewing Green Tea Somewhat Closed-Minded Ocha 22
Palette-Splash Unicorn Arts and Crafts Scatterbrain Windrose Artist 22
Pickle-Barrel Earth Pony Smuggling Oblivious Pickle Farmer/Smuggler 27
Plot Twist Pegasus Surprise Endings Light Blindness Fidget Self-Proclaimed Sheriff 48
Pumpkin Earth Pony Dilligence Gullibile Jellybean Schoolfoal 7
Queen-Pegasus Pegasus Grooming Vanity Ruby-Blossom Captain of the Vanity 26
Quintessent Rune Seapony Artifice Cynic, Irresponsible Sodium Fizz Owner, Spellbound by the Bay 17
Refrain Unicorn Sound Magic Disturbed by Discordance Refrain 18
Rising Chaos Unicorn Using any kind of magic Little power Rising Chaos Matron of the local orphanage 24
Riptide Seapony Leading a pirate crew Impetuosity Midnight Sun Adventurer 20
Rose-Song Unicorn Making things beautiful Not very bright Starry-Knight 22
Ruby-Blossom Earth Pony Thievery Trust, Children Ruby-Blossom Proprietor: The Mane Event Salon & Spa 20
Rusty Gears Earth Pony Mechanics Bad ideas. Often. Sadaka Mechanic 24
Sadaka Zebra Flight Scared of water Sadaka Schoolfoal 9
Salty Unicorn Chaos Sense of Direction Fluttershy Mayor's Assistant 27
Samantha Griffon Machines Optimistic Featherbrain Magpie Mechanic 21
Seabreeze Seapony Musical Savant Trouble Focusing Seabreeze Struggling Musician 19
Sky-Sparkler Unicorn Weather Control Inexperience MetBoy Weatherpony 22
Skyflower Unicorn Fireworks Over-eagerness Jellybean Chemist 22
Snowfield Unicorn Ice Manipulation Fear of Failure ThirdAnguis Forest Witch? Many Years
Sodium-Fizz Pegasus Alchemy Anxiety Attacks Sodium-Fizz Alchemist! 27
Solar Wind Pegasus Firefighter Stubborn Dustdevil Firefighter 44
Spearmint Earth Pony Cooking Blind Sadaka Schoolfoal 11
Spindrift Seapony Archaeology Aloof & Disdainful Winter Solstice Arcane Researcher 26
Stagecoach Earth Pony Stagecoach Building Time Management Skills Crescent Wagonwright 28
Star-Daze Unicorn Astronomy Dreamy and distractable Sadaka Schoolfoal 5
Starbright Griffon Math Easily Distracted Thistle-Fair 25
Starchild Unicorn Oratory & Writing Romantic Ideals Nocturne Writer 18
Starry-Knight Zebra Mediation Overly Blunt Starry Knight Mercenary 19
Stormdancer Pegasus Harsh-Weather Flying Enough is Never Enough Stormdancer Weatherpony 24
Stormsailor Seapony Navigation Greed ThirdAnguis Captain of the Pride of the Seas 45
Straylight Griffon Perceptive Easily Distracted Straylight Owner and Operator, Pictures by Straylight 23
Sugar-Swirl Earth Pony Making Cotton Candy Naive Sugar-Swirl Confectioner 23
Sunshine-Stormcloud Earth Pony Unknown Haunting Nightmares! Applejack Guard 25
Sweet-Dreams Unicorn Confectionary! Forgetful Sweet-Dreams Confectioner 14
Swift Wind Earth Pony Making Kites Over-Energetic and Wild Dust-Devil Schoolfoal 13
Tale-Chaser Seapony Historical Study Diffident and Meek Winter-Solstice Junior Librarian 14
Thistle-Fair Pegasus Singing! Timid and Weak-Willed Thistle-Fair Waitress and musician 17
Thunnini Seapony Acrobatics & contortion Excessive curiosity Kludge Inquisitive daredevil 10
Tick-Tock Unicorn Making clocks Extremely ticklish Tick-Tock Clockmaker 22
Toybox Unicorn Making toys, Bringing Joy Getting lost in imagination Crescent Schoolfoal 6
Tradewinds Pegasus Relaxing Laziness Tradewinds Sailor 27
Trail-Blazer Earth Pony Direction Sense Headstrong Trail-Blazer Owner, Timeless Treasures 18
Typhoon Wave Pegasus Storms and all things stormy Pessimistic and Unconfident Sadaka Weatherpony 18
Whirligig Seapony Invention Overambitious Crescent Inventor 19
Whistlestop Pegasus Haulin' Things Simple-minded Fluttershy Laborer 20
Willow-Grove Pegasus Plant Growth Stubborn Fluttershy Vacationer 24
Windrose Pegasus Directional Sense Perfectionist Windrose Cartographer 19
Winter Solstice Earth Pony Endurance Impulsive and Careless Winter Solstice Blacksmith 24
Wishy-Washy Unicorn Bath and Massage-Oil Making Overly Trusting Wishy-Washy Belly Dancer 25
Yisheng Earth Pony Herbal Medicine Forgetful Starry-Knight Healer 32


NPCs can be used by anyone. They're background characters of the world. They can also be adopted, via a request to the staff.

Name Race Talent Weakness Misc
Abalone Seapony Queen of the seaponies.
Rum-Flower Earth Pony Runs the Almond Malt: a distillery/tavern in town.
Cinnaswirl Earth Pony Runs a bakery.
Fizzbucket Unicorn Lives at the lighthouse.
Mayani Zebra Trader, Siyana's father.
Red Pegasus Formerly headed up the Harbor Watch. Formerly CIA.
Sand Dollar Earth Pony Owns Sand Dollar's Pragmatic Prosthetics
Sunny Delight Earth Pony Optimism Messes Owns Carrot Corner
Sunwise Unicorn Doctor

Staff NPCs

These NPCs are staff-playable only!
Name Race Talent Weakness Misc
Bone Mistress Alicorn Grim reaper pony.
AU Characters Gallery Assorted Assorted Assorted From The Winter Nightmare

Inactive PCs

Arctic Skies Unicorn Art Lack of Focus Arctic Skies Jeweler
Baron Von Cirrus Pegasus Vigilance Obsession Pinkie Pie Retired
Bomani Zebra Applied Strength Impatient Kludge Adventurer
Brume Seapony Stringed Instruments Fanciful & Foppish Winter-Solstice Wandering Minstrel~
Bubble Melody Seapony Cleaning & Housekeeping Ditzy Windrose Waitress & Cleaning Pony
Captain Mwai Zebra Trading The Ladies Twilight Sparkle Captain of the Destiny Caravel
Carronade Earth Pony Cannonry Extremely Loud Windrose Defense & Demolitions
Chaco Griffon Hoarding shinies Fooood Rainbow Dash Traveling trader
Cornucopia Unicorn Food Preservation & Purification Magic Selfish, Withdrawn Cornucopia Perishable Goods Inspector at the Docks
Dusty Unicorn Deciphering old texts Packrat Dusty Lighthouse Keeper
Emberlocks Unicorn Stylishness Gullible Fluttershy Shiroyuki-Hanako's hoofservant
Excelsior Unicorn Superlative Art! Overdramatic Bosstone Artist
Fire-Bright Pegasus Specialty Medicine Assumptions Fluttershy 10
Folio Earth Pony Teaching Poor train of thought Nocturne
Gingerbread Earth Pony Housekeeping Gossip Skedaddle Bed & Breakfast Owner
Glass Earth Pony Detective Work Stubborn and Mouthy Kavonde Hardboiled Gumhoof
Granite Sparkle Earth Pony Strength Forgetfulness Granite Sparkle General Laborer
Hammer Action Earth Pony Piano Impatience Hammer Action
Jade Mist Pegasus Acting and Singing Clingy, Tactless Sadaka Actress
Jaquelyn Griffon Distilling Everything Distilling Everything Applejack Distiller
Lily-Heart Unicorn Empathy Sensitive Heart Fluttershy Inexperienced heart-healer at the hospital
Mad-Mare Earth Pony Insanity Intense hatred of real name Applejack
Magnet Pegasus N/A Grouchiness Fluttershy Grumpy foal
Manyara Abada Unknown Unknown Sadaka Wishmaster
Maple Breeze Pegasus Breakfast Cooking Capricious Maple Breeze Food Vendor
Moon Dream Unicorn Perfect death send-off Can't swim Moon Dream
Moonshine Unicorn Moonshining Won't Back Down Dustdevil
Morningstar Unicorn 'Pointy' Magic Overthinking Cornucopia
Nightsong Unicorn Music Shyness Nightsong Musician and Instrument Crafter
One-Shot Earth Pony Photography Self-consciousness One-Shot
Pagewise Unicorn Finding uses for the useless Believes she is useless Pagewise Librarian's apprentice/research assistant on-assignment
Polaris Earth Pony Sense of Direction Fussy Pinkie Pie Mayor's Right-Hoof Colt
Puzzle Plate Unicorn Problem Solving Trouble Using Magic Puzzle Plate
Quilltip Earth Pony Fastidiousness OCD Fluttershy Out-of-town building inspector
Riptide Seapony Poetry Shyness Fluttershy
Rocket Griffon Hunting Magic obsessed Sadaka
Rumble-Riot Unicorn Skilled Brawler Gullible and Reckless Applejack Adventurer
Seaside-Shimmer & Tropical-Sunset Earth Pony Twins Astrology Separation Anxiety Ruby-Blossom
Shanty Pegasus Playing Accordion Can't Fly Shanty Local Musician
Shining-Light Pegasus Achieving Goals Setting Priorites Zethen
Shooting Star Pegasus Flying Shy Shooting Star
Siyana Zebra Plants Attention Span Fluttershy Child on the trading ship
Skedaddle Pegasus Weatherworking Shiny Things Skedaddle Weatherworker and beachcomber
Skrybe Pegasus Writing Shyness Skrybe
Skyshear Pegasus Wind Manipulation Impulsive Skyshear
Snapdragon Pegasus Unknown Scaredy-cat Sadaka Feral Foal
Starbolt Pegasus Northern Lights Doesn't Know Limits Starbolt
Stormchaser Pegasus Strong Flyer Weak Hind Leg Stormchaser
Sugar-Dart Pegasus Matchmaking Distractable and flighty Sadaka Candymaker's assistant
Sugar Rush Pegasus Candymaking Lying Applejack Confectioner
Sumac Earth Pony Crafting Wanderlust Sumac
Trueshot Pegasus Archery Distrustful Sadaka Maddie's trusted guard
Windsplitter Unicorn Cutting Magic Overly Polite Windsplitter
Zula Zebra Spirit-Summoning Imperious Ruby-Blossom Adventurer 25
Zypher Pegasus Airborn Soccer Overconfidence and Booze Dustdevil