Channel Guide

We have a handful of channels on PonyMUSH that are intended for various uses.

To see the list of channels available to you, type '@clist' on the game.

To add a channel, type 'addcom <alias>=<channel>', where 'alias' is the letters you want to use to type on that channel, and channel is the name of the channel you'd like to join.
For example, 'addcom +whi=Whining'

To alter your comtitle, or what prefixes your name in a channel, use 'comtitle <alias>=<title>' to change it. If you'd like to use ANSI (or colors — 'help ANSI') you'll have to prefix it with '@force me=' due to weird MUSH permissions.
For example, @force me=comtitle +pub=[ansi(hc,The Great and Powerful)]
So, if your name was Trixie, it would show [Public] The Great and Powerful Trixie says "Hi!"

For other commands, 'help comsys' is your friend.



Rating: R
This is for our older players, for general discussion. Feel free to not have to police yourselves here so much. Most of the picspam can go here, too.


Rating: N/A
We have a number of devoted code monkeys here, who like to talk code. If you want to do that, do it here!


Rating: N/A
Want to talk about something a little more serious? This channel is for discussion about topics not everyone wants to be on. Whatever floats your boat; it all happens here, except for politics which has a channel to itself.


Rating: PG-13
For discussions about other MUSHes, MUXes, MOOs, MUCKs, MUDs… uhm, MUPPETs and MMOs.


Rating: X
No matter what MUSH I've been on, there's always some discussion about sex and such. It's the internet: you can't really keep it out. So feel free to talk about all that on this channel. Inappropriate jokes welcome here.


Rating: PG-13
This is for talking about assorted media, be it the new MLP:FiM show, or other shows that are around. Or music, or whatever. Turn off this channel if you don't want spoilers!


Rating: G
This is the Guests channel. It's also the help channel, for things like coding, setting, and various questions like that.


Rating: N/A
Politics are kept on a separate channel out of respect for the fact that two players can get along on every other topic but not want to discuss politics for reasons of politeness. Civility is the watchword here: we're all friends and should try to get along, no matter what else.


Rating: G
Public is generally light chatter and banter!


Rating: G
For ponies who'd like to do some RP but don't want to go on-grid to do it. Light, fluffy fare.


Rating: N/A
For if you just have to vent. Vent about your bad day, your insensitive teacher, whatever you want. Whatever is said on whining, stays on whining. It is expressly prohibited to talk about anything you heard on this channel anywhere else, including elsemu. We take this very, very seriously, as we want this channel to be a safe place to get things off your chest.


Rating: N/A
For the wizards to talk about wizardly things.


Rating: PG-13
If you want to talk about something exciting in your life, feel free to mention it here! You don't have to though — of course you're welcome to share good things wherever. But it's nice to have a dedicated for place with positivity.