CG (Zebra) - Meadow

- > The Chargen Sphere - The Meadow <-------—-

As you awaken, you find yourself in a pleasant jungle clearing near your home in Numnah's vast citidel. In fact, the great central ziggurat sparkles in the sun in the distance. You blink. The last you remember, you were… what were you doing? Bedding down for the night, weren't you? So why is it so light out? … And why are you in the middle of the jungle?

"We see you are already aware," says a cool voice from beside you. A strange dark alicorn with flowing mist-like hair and skeletal markings on her face and body extends a wing. The Bone Mistress. "Yes, this is a dream, Tank. We had been hoping you wouldn't notice, but…" With a sigh, Equestria's less-than-grim reaper settles down and floats out a scroll of paper from…well, nowhere. "We are here to help…calibrate your awareness, shall we say. That way you can awaken, and rejoin your friends swiftly. Follow us." The strange alicorn stands, and starts to trot through the leafy boughs of the jungle.

"Let's begin," the Bone Mistress says, as she regards her rather extensive scroll. The alicorn is known for her near-codependence on contracts and the written word. She's tricky to fool, but she adheres even to loopholes. "Now! What's your sex? You may be male, female, or other. To set this, type +sex/set <sex>, without the brackets. From there, we can continue, hm?"

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