CG (Unicorn) - Meadow

- > The Chargen Sphere - The Meadow <-------—-

The enormous tree scales high above you. It's wider than most houses, taller than the nearest mountains, and its whimsical, curling branches stretch across the sky in a comforting, protective way. You stare up for a good long time, before turning your attention to the door where your new teacher stands. He's old, but still quite youthful in energy. His beard is long and wizened, his smile sure and encouraging. "Come now, young…filly? Colt? I can't see you from there," he says from the door, beckoning you closer.

You snicker to yourself and trot over to the bearded unicorn, assuring him of your actual gender, with +sex/set <sex> (without the brackets). You suppose at least he had a pretty good chance of guessing it; it's either male, female, or other. He snorts and nods, herding you into the astounding astrological arbor. "Of course, of course. With a name like Tank, how could I have missed it?" he asks, rolling his eyes.

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