CG (Seapony) - Waking

- > The Chargen Sphere - Waking <--------

You open your eyes, and find yourself surrounded by darkness once more, the waters warm and still. Gone is the chamber of colored patterns, as is Queen Abalone, but you soon hear her voice once more, drifting out from an indeterminate place in the void. "Please set a valid email address with the command +remail <email>. Ensure it is current, as well as the same address you have registered for any other characters you have on PonyMUSH, so we may better keep track of your alts."

"All done? Now, do the staff a favor and tell us where you heard about PonyMUSH from. You may do so with +from <source>. And finally, one last step: Set an alias for yourself. This is a short nickname or abbreviation unique to your character. This shall make it easier for other players to page you. The command is @alias me=<alias>."

"As a final note, be aware that you can set custom fields for your +finger. Learn how to do this in +help finger."

There are several moments of silence, before the Queen emerges from the darkness. She reaches out and lays a hoof on your shoulder, smiling benevolently. "Now, my subject, it is time for you to awaken. You go now to a land where you may at first find yourself a stranger, but know that friends wait for you if your heart is open to finding them. I wish you luck on your journey to the surface- and, if luck should elude you, I hope you at least have fun!"

She withdraws her hoof and gestures to a faint glimmer of the ocean's surface above, and vanishes from view. All that remains is to go out.

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