CG (Seapony) - Meadow

- > The Chargen Sphere - The Meadow <-------—-

You awaken in the midst of a sandy plain. A landscape of murky green silt rolls outward in all directions. Tall, glossy green fronds stretch upward from the sand and slowly drift to and fro. A sourceless light illuminates this patch of terrain, but only so far; beyond that circle of light, darkness closes in, deep and blue and forbidding. Far above, though, there's a faint, blue shimmer, and as you see it you realize you're underwater- on the floor of the ocean! The sudden knowledge is somewhat reassuring, however. You can breathe water without trouble, and you're comfortable despite the chill of the deep ocean. In fact, come to think of it, you'd feel out of place anywhere else.

"And what do we have here?" A melodic voice pierces the gloom, before its owner drifts into your circle of light. "One of my subjects, so far from home?" She is a regal seapony, whose alabaster coat gleams with blues and greens reflected from the surrounding ocean. Her fins shine with a pearlescent gleam, and her long mane fans out through the water around her, swirling with emerald and sapphire tones. A crown like gold-leafed coral adorns her head. You know this to be Abalone, Queen of the Seaponies… your queen. She may lack the divine powers of the celestial sisters that rule the surface ponies, but Abalone is a fair and protective, if strict, ruler, and you bow your head before her.

She smiles, and bids you rise with a gesture. Her tail slowly churns below her, letting her hover in place. "It is just as well that I have found you. I will show you the way back to the Starlight Kingdom, and along the way you can tell me about yourself. I will get to learn about one of my subjects, and you'll be set up and ready to go forth to meet other ponies." Beckoning that you follow, she turns and drifts off into the darkness, and the light follows her. You swim into an easy pursuit.

"The first thing you must tell me," your Queen explains, turning to regard you over her shoulder, "What is your gender? You may be male, female, or other. To set this, type +sex/set <sex>, without the brackets." She offers a slight smile. "Once we have established that, we may proceed."

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