CG (Seapony) - Introspection

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Circling the middle of the palace is a broad balcony, from which a series of arched entryways lead inside. You follow Queen Abalone as she swims through and into a chamber within. Enshrined within is a massive pearl, easily as large as yourself. Its swirling white surface gleams with an warm light, as subtle ribbons of color play across its surface. The Queen settles in beside the pearl and reaches up to slowly draw a hoof over its surface, turning her head to regard you as she does. Her gaze is piercing, looking past the body you have been describing to her, and into the person within.

"All ponies make a journey during the course of their life: a journey of the spirit, one that determines what kind of a pony they will become." She turns her gaze towards the massive pearl, gazing into its swirling patterns; its light is reflected back upon her pale features, giving them a radiant glow. "A pony will follow many stars during this journey, their directions often conflicting with one another. But one star in particular will shine more strongly than any other, whether that star is bright…"

The pearl's color darkens to a purple, then a deep black, and its glow changes to match. The Queen looks across to you, her features given a haunting appearance by the sinister gleam rising from the pearl. "… or dark."

The pearl lightens to white once more, and Queen Abalone's explanation continues. "That is to say, every pony views morality differently. Say, for example, you see a pony drop something valuable, but they don't notice. Do you retrieve it and return it to them? Do you keep it for yourself? Do you leave it where it is and choose to not be involved?" The Queen tilts her head and narrows her eyes, adopting an appraising demeanor. "Are you a pony that likes to help others, or who enjoys causing trouble? Is it better to promote your own interests or those of the community? These are the sorts of questions you should ask of yourself."

"And when you've found an answer, you should present it in the form of a short phrase of no more than a few words. It can be something traditional, such as Chaotic Good or Lawful Neutral, or something silly, such as Goody-Two-Fins. Use the command +alignment/set <phrase> to set your alignment." The Queen runs her hooves over the pearl, and it slowly turns, revealing one half that is a bright white, another that is a simmering dark. The two glows cast all manner of fanciful shadows over the surrounding chamber. Turning away from the pearl, Abalone makes for a downard sloping hallway that descends through the floor.

"When you are done, join me me in the next room."

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