CG (Seapony) - Inner Peace

- > The Chargen Sphere - Inner Peace <-------

You leave the glowing pearl and descend through the ramped hallway, emerging into a broad chamber ringed by stained glass windows. Though their patterns are abstract, as the starlight from outside filters into the room through them, their designs leap to life, teasing the imagination with suggested forms.

Queen Abalone waits in the middle of the chamber, regarding the windows silently until she turns to face you. "As you may know, ponies have many talents, and I'm sure you're no different. At some point in your life you will discover one talent in particular that shall come to define you. Have you discovered it yet?" She smiles, then, expression warm and encouraging. "If so, why don't you tell me? You may do so with +talent/set <talent>."

Once you have answered your Queen, she nods, and smiles once more. "And when a pony truly discovers this defining talent, it is forever marked upon their flank by a symbol. You know this as a cutie mark. Would you please briefly describe yours to me, with +cutiemark/set <description>? If you're still too young to have one… don't worry. It will come in time. Simply enter 'Blank Flank' or 'None' instead."

You describe your cutie mark to the Queen. Couldn't she have just looked at it herself? "Thank you," she says. "Of course, no matter how talented a pony is, they will never be perfect. Indeed, a pony may have something they truly struggle with, something that somehow hinders them on a regular basis, or gives them trouble in their daily life. All ponies have flaws. What is your most significant flaw? You may tell me with +flaw/set <flaw>." With a slight incline of her head, she gazes at you pointedly, and under that gaze you realize that no matter how much you may wish otherwise, you'll have to tell her what your weaknesses are.

Nevertheless, she smiles as you do so, all judgment withheld. The Queen lifts a hoof and gestures to the stained glass that surrounds you both. "Gaze into the windows when you are done, and we shall see what's next."

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