CG (Seapony) - Hall of Mirrors

- > The Chargen Sphere - Hall of Mirrors <------—-

You gaze at the abstract forms suggested by the stained glass windows, their colors and patterns swirling through your vision. Soon you begin to pick out your reflection in the multicolored panes of glass, reflected back towards you in a hundred ways. What do you see looking back at you in those reflections? You hear Queen Abalone speaking up behind you, echoing your thoughts. "Consider what you look like. Can you summarize your appearance in a short line? Set a short description of yourself with +shortdesc/set <short description>." After a moment's consideration, you do so.

"A short description only says so much, however," continues the Queen's voice. "Look closer at your reflection. There are finer details beyond what a first glance might convey. You may set a full description for yourself with @desc me=<decription>."

"And when that is finished… you may add anything else you think your profile should contain with +profile/set <profile>. Some things you may consider detailing are what you are renowned for, what brings you to Horseshoe Harbor, or what sort of a job you maintain in town. It is up to you, however, what you reveal, and how much or how little of it you do."

You detail this information to a level of your satisfaction, then turn away from the stained glass to face the Queen once more. She smiles down at you from her point in the center of the chamber. "We are almost finished. Now, close your eyes…"

You do so. The many colors of the room drop away. Darkness surrounds you… what could be next?

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