CG (Seapony) - Eternity

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As you and Queen Abalone proceed further into the darkness, the silty ground falls away, until only the gloom of the ocean depths surrounds you. Your Queen shines like a beacon, and you continue to follow. Distant lights are beginning to appear, ahead and below, like stars coming out for the evening. The Queen swims in their direction.

"Every pony has a birthday. It is a cause for celebration, a day to reflect upon your successes, and to look forward to many more. Why don't you tell me when yours is?" She stops, and gestures towards the lights below. "If you already know your birthday, you can use +birthday/set <season> <day> to specify it. If you've forgotten when it is, you may +gaze into the lights of our city and it will come to you. And, if you don't like the answer you get… just +gaze again until you find one you do."

She continues, and you follow. The closer you and Queen Abalone swim to the city, the brighter and more numerous the small lights become, until they begin to illuminate the structures they adorn. Lanterns and gleaming pearls give the capital city of the Starlight Kingdom its name, casting the streets in a perpetual twilight glow. Though you can see other seaponies swimming through the water as they go about their daily business, they are still far below, and don't seem to notice the two of you swimming above; your conversation with the Queen remains a private and personal. The two of you begin to approach a tall, spiraling structure in the middle of the city: the palace.

"While we are on the subject," says the Queen, turning her head to smile at you. "You should tell me how old you are. Like all ponies, our kind lives to around a hundred years or so. When you've settled on a number, you may set it with +age/set <value>."

She turns to face the palace. "When that is settled, we will move on to what's next."

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