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Welcome to PonyMUSH! We have a number of important rules here that you must agree to before you can play.

1. You must be 13 years or older to play here. Although it is a game based on a kids' show, we expect our players to be able to behave like adults in the community. Please keep this in mind.

2. You are joining a **cooperative** game. That means you're going to be working with other players to create a story. Be prepared to make compromises and be communicative about what you want.

3. You MUST read and understand all of the articles under Policies in +news. This is not optional. If you accept these rules and you have not read our policies, when becomes clear that you haven't (and it will), there will be severe consequences. These policies are here to make the game run smoothly and to ensure everyone has a good time. So read them, or else get a hammer to the face.

4. In case it bears repeating, make absolutely certain you've read +news character concepts, among all the other equally important +news files. This will help guide you to create your character.

5. Above all, we're all here to have fun! So let's have fun!

If you accept, then type I've read and understood the policies. As another reminder, if you have not actually done so, you're gonna get a hammer to the face. So read them.

After that, you may choose a race! To see our available list of races, see +race/list, and to select a race, use +race/set <race>, without the brackets. To learn more information about our races, view +cghelp races. As you go through chargen, remember to read over +cghelp for more useful information!

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