CG (Griffon) - Meadow

- > The Chargen Sphere - The Meadow <-------—-

You're running.

Wings spread for balance, your eyes focus on the bunny you've been chasing for the last fifteen minutes. You're starting to feel winded, but you'd never admit that; this is your test. Your final test.

The bunny darts, feints left, dodges right. You pounce, you miss. It bounds into the bushes, and you growl under your breath, feeling fur and feathers puff in annoyance. Trying a different tac, you stalk around the other side of the foliage, and…

"TAG!!" you shout, as you sweep the bunny's rear paw up in your foreclaws. It squirms and shouts lapine obscenities at you, but what do you care? You passed!

"Good job, Tank!" crows your mentor, Wingdust, who ruffles her feathers and lopes ahead to the edge of the great cliff. "Just in time, too: they're already lining other griffons up. Go pick your line!" Below the cliff in the vast expanse of the floating kingdom of Summerdown, you can just make out the pickets and your classmates, filing into place.

The lines are simply marked with the griffon symbols for male, female, and other. You're to choose the line of your own sex, so you set yourself up with +sex/set <sex> (without the brackets, of course).

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