CG (Earth Pony) - Waking

- > The Chargen Sphere - Waking <--------

A jolt of light flashes through your mind and you find yourself sitting at a desk in elementary school. It's way too small for you, and you're feeling mighty uncomfortable, looking at all the ponies who seem much more appropriately sized for their desks. At the front of the room, Celestia stands, glaring at you. "Tank! Are you paying attention to me? I asked you a question!"

A question? You scramble for a piece of paper, a test, anything. She just snorts balefully. "I said, you should register your email with +remail <email>. Make sure you use the same email with every alt, or we'll lose track of you!" You hasten to comply, though your mind is reeling. Email? Alt? What the hay is she going on about?

"Furthermore, we'd like to know where you heard about us! Set that with +from <source>! And while you're at it, make things easier on your fellow players and set an easy alias with @alias me=<alias>, so that they can page you without typing your whole ridiculous name." You feel your eyes rolling willy nilly all around your skull. Weren't you just on a pleasant walk? What are you doing in class??

Apparently discontent, Celestia approaches and leans in. "Did you know, you can add custom fields to your +finger? Just check out +help finger for more details." She looks into your eyes, down at your desk, and then back up again.


You sit bolt upright in bed, blinking hazy sleep from your eyes. That was definitely the strangest dream you remember ever having. Thank goodness it's finally over!

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