CG (Earth Pony) - Meadow

- > The Chargen Sphere - The Meadow <-------—-

As you fade into existence, you find yourself in a warm, sun-drenched meadow. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the buzzards are buzzing, and all around, it just seems to be a peaceful, beautiful day.

A dark spot against the sun makes you squint your eyes, and as it looms larger and larger it becomes clear that none other than Queen Celestia is flying your way. You've heard some… things about her and her methods of ruling behind the scenes, but it's rather hard to tell fact from fiction, when she just seems so gosh-darned nice. One thing's for sure: you never thought you'd be standing face-to-face with her, of all ponies. With a warm smile, the alicorn goddess gestures you up from your kneeling position. When did you start kneeling, anyway? You can't remember. "Hello, little one," she says kindly. "Welcome to Equestria. I'm here to help you get set up. Walk with me."

As you start to walk with the sun goddess ruler of Equestria, you find she easily keeps a slow and gentle pace with you. You also find yourself somewhat awed. (And who could blame you?) "First, I think it would be best if you specified your sex. Not to worry! We allow for male, female, and other here. To set your sex, just type +sex/set <sex>. Without the brackets, of course."

You hurry to try to remember. What gender /are/ you? Why is this so hard to recall? If you weren't presently overwhelmed by the warm and calming presence of your freaking sun goddess, you might be having an existential crisis; but as it is, when she starts toward the next area, you have no problem following her with blind adoration.

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