CG (Earth Pony) - Introspection

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As Celestia puts the globe of water back into the pond, she takes a seat beside you. That piercing gaze of hers hasn't left you, and you begin to feel a little antsy under her stare. "Inside every pony is a compass," she begins. "But this is a compass that guides in moral, not physical directions. A pony's compass points to the due north of what it means to be moral — but as you can guess, that can be very subjective." You squint at her a little. Sun goddess or not, this is going a little over your head. You /think/ you get it, but on the other hoof…

Smiling slightly, Celestia proceeds. "What I mean to say is that every pony views morality differently. Say you've just seen a pony mistakenly lose a couple of bits on the ground, and they don't notice. For some ponies, the moral action would be to give the bits back. For others, it would be to pocket the bits to feed themselves." She pauses. "And for still others, it might be to pelt the pony in the back of the head with these bits. But of course we don't allow ponies like that in our Equestria." Is that a threat? The gentle smile on her face says otherwise, but her eyes are firm and hard. Her expression promises love and retribution in the same glance. How does she /do/ that?

"The point is," Celestia continues, "you should think of a phrase that summarizes your moral compass. It could be as traditional as Chaotic Good, or as silly as Goody-Four-Shoes. So long as it's not /nothing/, it should suffice. Just use +alignment/set <phrase> to set it." Traditional? Doesn't that come from some kind of quill-and-paper game about dragons? Especially for someone as old as Celestia, you'd expect her ideas of traditional to be more…well… old. Nevertheless, you think hard about yourself for a long moment, trying to get in touch with your so-called inner compass.

Celestia rises to her hooves and gives you a kind, beckoning look. You scramble after her when you're done.

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