CG (Earth Pony) - Inner Peace

- > The Chargen Sphere - Inner Peace <-------

Queen Celestia leads you deeper into the thicket of birch trees. The foliage thickens around you into a blanket of leaves and flowers and trunks, until the world seems to be an all-encompassing kaleidoscope of nature. The scents here are subtle but sweet, from the flowers hanging in long vines from the tree branches above.

A deep sense of peace and well-being surrounds you here, and Celestia's kind smile is upon you once more. "In this place, we are all at peace with ourselves. We know who we truly are, and who we're meant to be. You have a special talent, don't you? Well, I'm sure you have plenty of special talents, but there's one very special one, that makes you who you are. Why don't you tell me about it with +talent/set <talent>?" You feel pride well up within you. Why yes, you do have a special talent! You hasten to tell her all about it, yearning to feel the warm glow of appreciation from your ruler.

But she just nods benignly. "And you have a particular flaw too, don't you? One thing you just have a terrible time overcoming, something that affects you every day. You can tell me that too with +flaw/set <flaw>." You feel your heart sink. She knows. She knows that one thing you struggle with. But she just chuckles. "It's alright! Everyone has a weakness. No one is perfect."

The regal goddess lifts her head to smell some of the flowers, and then smiles down at you. "All ponies get a cutie mark when they discover their very special talents. Sometimes, this is when they're young, and sometimes they can be a little older. If you have one, why don't you describe it briefly with +cutiemark/set <description>?" She flutters her wings a little, and continues deeper into the forest, where the light begins to fade. "Why don't we go to the next area while you explain it?"

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