Celestia's Super Son
IC date: None
OOC date: 04-14-12
PCs: Guest1 Fluttershy Bosstone Bedhead Incantation
NPCs: None
GM: None
Storyline OOC

Guest1 says "So, obviously since there's no MLP:FIM sourcebook, HOW I PONY?"
Bedhead says "Pony is all a state of mind. If you have to ask, you'll never know. 8|"
BossTone http://www.ponymush.com/
Bedhead says "…or you could follow Boss' link, but that'd be cheating."
You say "There's theme/setting info, rules info, RP logs, and a few other things."
Guest1 :P. I mean more the system.
You say "No system. It's free RP."
Fluttershy says "Yeah, free RP, pretty much. No system here."
Fluttershy says "We have a very strict policy of 'don't be a jerk' and 'communicate with other players' here."
Fluttershy says "And if you can't, you're out. >.>"
You say "And try not to be the incarnation of Zeus or anything."
Fluttershy says "So far, we haven't run into any trouble; if you need a dice roller, we have a fully functional +roll."
Fluttershy says "Yeah, there will be a 'ahem /no/' if that happens XD"
Bedhead throws out god of thunder pony WIP.
Guest1 says "So I don't have to deal with sheets or stats or XP or crap like that? :P"
You say "Although I could totally see it. He manifests as a bull on Equestria looking to seduce some peasant woman and runs into ponies like what"
Fluttershy says "Nope!"
Fluttershy says "No sheets, no stats~"
Fluttershy laughs!
Bedhead says "Heehee."
You say "Just info. +hoof is the closest thing to a sheet there is."
Guest1 says "Well, the concept I had was actually the secret child between Princess Celestia and Big Mac, so I was a super strong alicorn and a price itself."
Guest1 says "prince*"
You say "Oh well, THAT'S okay."
Guest1 says "COOL BRB CGH"
Bedhead says "Yeah, no problems here."
Fluttershy likes it when people try to make alicorns. It makes my day >8)
Guest1 says "well, actually, my uncle was also a seapony."
Guest1 says "So I'm technically a Sealipony"
Bedhead says "Hey, hey, you should make them a disciple of Discord too"
Bedhead says "And throw some dragon blood in there somewhere."
Guest1 says "He may as well look pretty much like Discord. OH! And he's an honorary zebra since he saved their village from Doom(tm)"
Bedhead says "A+ profile."
Bedhead says "Don't change a thing."
Guest1 says "Did I mention he's also the President of Cloudsdale?"
You say "With glowing lavender irisless eyes."
Fluttershy says "Nooow you're stretching it a little. Just tone it down to the /Vice/ president."
You say "Or is it all iris? I forget."
Bedhead says "Uh, Boss, I think you need COLOR changing eyes."
You say "Oooh, right."
Bedhead says "Straight up lavender is just silly."
Guest1 says "Rainbow eyes."
Guest1 says "with old."
Guest1 says "GOLD*"
You say "And they change color in different patterns. Gotta have that heterochromia."
Guest1 says "They're also 6_9 eyes."
Fluttershy says "And they can shapeshift."
Guest1 says "And I have total mind control and everyone loves me! :D"
Fluttershy says "Yep! :D"
Fluttershy says "APPROVED"
Incantation shimmers into view.
Incantation has arrived.
Fluttershy says "Hey Incantation!"
Bedhead says "What are you waiting for, get your butt over to the chargen."
Fluttershy says "How's it hangin'?"
You say "But they're really shy and have a dark sad past, too."
Fluttershy says "Yes :("
Incantation says "Hello~ Pretty good, thank you. :3"
Fluttershy says "But they're reluctant to talk about it!"
Fluttershy says "But either way it'll be out within the first two scenes."
Incantation says "How about you? :P"
Fluttershy says "Doing great. XD We're being goofy with the guest. XD"
Celestias_Super_Son has connected.
Celestias_Super_Son says "TO CHARGEN!"
Incantation says "X3"
Celestias_Super_Son steps into the glowing Chargen Portal.
Celestias_Super_Son has left.