Logging the Convention, we have text from some VIPs in the fandom! (Names added in place of "guest1", etc where appropriate)

#OMG Tara Strong!
Tara says "Hi from Tara Strong, the #Twilightlicious queen herself!!! xoxo"
Jellybean says "Ohmygodness."
Jellybean says "Hi!"
Lavender says "Awesome, hello! :D"
Gamble says "Hiiiiii!"
Sadaka says "Dear lord. O,o Hello!!!"
Tara says "hiiiiii!!! brohoof!!!"
Lady-Luck says "I loved you in Sym-Bionic Titan"
Tara says "thank you!"
Trixie :O
Sadaka is a huge Raven fan from Teen Titans!
Jellybean says "I think the first place I recognized her was as Batgirl, back in the day."
Lavender says "(She hit me with a slap bracelet earlier. Really hard.)"
Jellybean giggles.
Lady-Luck says "Oh my."
Sadaka XD!
Lady-Luck /takei
Gamble says "That's right, keep'em in line."

#Peter New!
Peter New says "Hi Peter New here. Hello and Eeyup!"
Sadaka says "hello hello! Nice to meet you."
ConGuest2 says "He already took off. Aww"
ConGuest2 says "But yes, 'twas Big Mac!"
Sadaka says "That is exciting."
Sadaka hopes someone got an autograph.
ConGuest2 says "I think the MUSH did."

#Daniel Ingram!
Daniel says "I'm at the EVNW Con checking out all the sweet merch and this game in the Convention center"
Rainbow-Dash says "Hello!"
Daniel says "- Daniel Ingram"
Daniel says ""Pony Mush rules!""
Gamble says "Woohoo!"
Gamble says "Hope you're having a good time there!"
Pumpkin waves a hoof to the Guestie. "Thanks for coming by!"
Rainbow-Dash says "They rarely stick around to see replies, but he seemed to be enjoying himself!"

#Madeleine Peters!
Scootaloo says "Hey everyone! It's Scootaloo!"
Trixie knows that we have at least one pedal-powered helicopter.
Lady-Luck says "Howdy!"
Pumpkin says "Hey there!"
Bonbon-Guest says "After the solving of which, it is never seen again."
Pumpkin says "Having fun at the con?"
Bonbon-Guest says "Hello, Scootaloo!"
Glass says "Who let the chicken in?"
Windsplitter waves!
Sadaka says "hi!!"
Trixie says "Oh, hi there, Scoots!"
Scootaloo says "Yes, lots!"

Stalkerloo says "Stalkerloo here. I have an important discovery to share with all of you"
BossTone says "STALKER"
Stalkerloo says "My nipples hurt when I twist them."
Trixie says "Holy crap, Stalkerloo :O"
Glass says "That is a statement I feel I can verify without prior testing."
Stalkerloo says "also hello. :)"
Sadaka eeeee, hello
Gamble says "Hello!"
Windsplitter says "…… *snickers as he gets the mental-image of Gamble and Windsplitter just sitting at a bar mellowing out to jazz while chaos erupts behind them*"
Windsplitter says "And welcome, Stalker! Thanks for the memorable first impression."
Gamble says "Indeed."
Snowfield says "The Champagne Bay is /almost/ classy enough to have smooth jazz."
Snowfield says "Maybe they can get away with it once a week."
Pumpkin will… keep that in mind. ^.^
Pumpkin says "Having fun at the con, Stalker?"
Lavender says "He is back at his booth."
Pumpkin says "Aww."
Trixie says "Conguests usually don't hang around for more than a few seconds."
Pumpkin nodnods.
Trixie says "Oh, how is Doctor Adorable, by the way?"
Windsplitter snickers. "Stayed long enough just to share the tidbit of vital wisdom."
Gamble says "There is, after all, Con to see."
Still On
Glass says "… Wait, so it was an actual stalker?"
Trixie says "Stalkerloo is a tumblr."
Glass says "Ohh ><"
Trixie http://askstalkerloo.tumblr.com/