Captain Mwai
Name: Captain Mwai
Race: Zebra
Cutie-Mark: The Waves
Talents: Trading, Fast-Talking, Sailing, Assorted Vices
Weaknesses: The Rum, The Fillies, Chances to make a quick few bits..
It would be unfair to say that Captain Mwai is basically Captain Jack Sparrow with zebra stripes. He also has hooves.
Player: Twilight

Captain Mwai: Timeline

979 A.C. - Mwai Atambo is born in the Zebra territories.
983 A.C. - Mwai Atambo earns his cutie mark, The Waves, after being lost at sea for days.
992 A.C., Summer 5 - Mwai is named captain of the Flying Alicorn, second boat in Dread Pirate Salty's "fleet".
992 A.C., Summer 8 - The Flying Alicorn is lost with all hands on board. Captain Mwai drowns, is escorted to the gateway to the hereafter by the Bone Mistress, who promptly remembers she has to do something extremely important and rushes off. He alters his paperwork so his place of final resting is listed as Ponyville Spa.
992 A.C., Summer 10 - Captain Mwai is forcably ejected from Ponyville Spa.
993 A.C., Summer 1 - Captain Mwai attends the Summer Sun festival in Canterlot. Does not like the way Celestia squinted at him, as the emeralds in that statues eyes were clearly missing when he got there.
993 A.C., Fall 34 - Captain Mwai returns and wreaks dread vengeance on Captain Salty by stealing her hat.
1000 A.C., Spring 50 - Captain Mwai is visited (again) by the Bone Mistress, who tells him seriously, big things are going down this year and you really ought to be properly dead soon.
1001 A.C., Winter 50 - Captain Mwai is incinerated by an angry dragon.
1001 A.C., Winter 51 - Captain Mwai is forcably ejected from Ponyville Spa.
1002 A.C., Spring 4 - Captain Mwai gives that trip to Ponyville a miss upon taking one look at it through his spyglass and seeing it under Discord's Reign of Chaos. He declares that Ponyville is "having another one of those /goofy/ days" and visits Fillidelphia instead.
1003 A.C., Summer 10 - Captain Mwai is visited by a strangely smaller Bone Mistress, for the first time in three years (not counting his most recent demise). She seems to have "just found" this tiny discrepency where he ended up in the land of the living and if he didn't mind terribly could he just be dead again soon?
1004 A.C., Winter 1 - Captain Mwai and the Bone Mistress play a game of horseshoes. Mwai wins by a vast margin, despite the Bone Mistress's claim that she "Hath Been Practicing with Equestria's Finest". Mwai wonders where the buck she picked up that weird accent.
1005 A.C., Winter 30 - Captain Mwai arrives in Horseshoe Harbor, and discovers to his alarm that the Dread Pirate Saltlick is now the mayor for some bizarre reason, presumably involving alcohol.