Building on here is somewhat restricted. We don't generally allow people to build their own rooms, because it is a habit we've seen on many games for folks to hole up in their own rooms and never leave. If you simply must have a private scene in your home, feel free to use our Anywhere Rooms, located just off the IC exit from the OOC Lounge.

If you're going to app a public place, please note that these are highly restricted in order to avoid grid bloat. Before you go through the trouble of writing up an app, please talk to Fluttershy first about the concept, what kind of RP will be happening there, and what it's supposed to be used for. Just because we don't have a library room doesn't mean we need one if no one's going to be RPing there!

(Which isn't to say we don't actually have a library in town; rather, we just don't need another grid room for it.)

If you'd like, you can also page Fluttershy and work it all out over pages rather than using the jobs system to submit. That way she can help guide you through it if you need help.

What is public?

A public area is one that will be used by the populace at large when you're not online. A tavern, a club, a cafe, a library — these are all public places. We're deliberately keeping public places to a minimum, in order to encourage player interaction. We figure it's better to have five characters in two places, than two characters in five places.

A dwelling with multiple player characters living there is considered private, as is, say, a clubhouse for a trio of friends. These are okay. If you have an entire enormous family living in one dwelling, talk to me. We'll make arrangements.

What's with your weird rooms?

The way our building is set up, it pulls a lot of important things from the parent room. Important things like the way the room is formatted, and how the descriptions are parsed! So here's what you need to do with your brand new room:

@parent here=#2

That will set the parent to the appropriate room.

&hdesc here=Blah

This will be your desc here. Since the parent room's &desc contains a lot of code, you need to use this attribute instead so as not to override that.

&hansi here=hc

This is the ANSI code — or color code — you'll be using to change the colors of the stuff in your room. To see what color codes are valid, use help ansi() on the MUSH.

@set here=INHERIT

This will make sure the room code works correctly.

@set here=JUMP_OK

This will make sure you (and others) can teleport to your room.

@link me=here

This will set your room as your home — if you want it to be your home. That means no matter where you are on the grid, if you type 'go home', you'll wind up there.

Finally, make sure you set up your room's exits with @succ, @osucc, @odrop, and @desc. These are messages that are displayed when you use an exit. succ is what you see when you move. osucc is what people in the room you're leaving see. odrop is what people in the room you're arriving see. desc is what the person sees when they look that direction — especially helpful if the destination is far off in the distance. This helps people visualize where you're coming from/going to.

succ: You exit the Carrot Corner Cafe into the main square, the smell of fresh scones drifting after you.
osucc: trots towards the door, exiting out into the main square.
odrop: steps out of the Carrot Corner Cafe.
desc: The quaint little door leads out onto the bustling boardwalk in Portside.

When you are done, please use +check to see what you've missed.