Name: Brume
Race: Seapony
Cutie-Mark: A harp hanging from a broken string
Talents: Stringed instruments
Weaknesses: Fanciful & Foppish
Tall, thin stallion, seafoam green coat and mane
Player: Winter Solstice

This stallion is tall and slender, with a narrow build and much of his height invested in spindly legs. While his features are delicate, they're also comprised of hard edges and sharp angles, making for a profile as masculine as it is sculpted. His coat is a seafoam green, his mane a darker, bluer shade of the same; it's long enough to reach the base of his neck, and kept swept up and back and bound near the base of his skull in a ponytail. Matching its color is a thin, neatly trimmed goatee perched on his narrow chin. His lavender eyes have a mirthful gleam, but seem also a bit unfocused, looking past others more often than at them. His cutie mark depicts a harp suspended by the length of a single broken string.

He manages his stringbean physique smoothly and gracefully, carrying himself as though his body were weightless, drifting smoothly from step to step and gesturing in slow, sweeping movements. Typically he wears a thick cloak- nondescript and concealing, with a hood often drawn up and over his face. Just as often he is carrying a wrapped bundle, loosely strapped to his side in the manner of a saddlebag; it's medium in size and a trapezoidal profile.