Bolt Cutter
Name: Bolt-Cutter
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: A bolt cutter cutting a lock
Talents: Locksmithing and Salvage
Weaknesses: Morally Challenged
Role Model: Founder Seafoam
You spy a dirty green unicorn filly. She's a stocky sort with long rough looking black dreadlocks each ending with a rusted bolt, and sporting a cap which has a bill that often hides her ever shifty grey eyes. Her tail is also sporting those dreads with the bolts in them as well, though her tail is mostly regular length though not touching the ground. She's wearing a tight black jacket with attached saddlebags which hold all her meager belongings such as her heavy bolt cutters and her lock/black smithing supplies. The bags look heavy over her thick frame, and her body looks to be well practiced at holding the weight. She may glance you over as if to gauge your value, before giving you a mischievous smile.
Player: Solar-Wind