Blaze Song
Name: Blaze-Song
Race: Seapony
Cutie-Mark: A flaming double eighth note
Talents: Music
Weaknesses: Overthinking things
A Red coated, black and orange maned Seapony stallion, with deep purple-blue eyes, whose hooves, are a burnt molten yellow, a highly polished obsidian rock hangs around his neck on a thin but strong glittering chain.
Player: Blaze-Song

A Seapony Smith and Metal Worker, with a burning passion for Music, his Gift, Is his ability to hear the music of Life. or to be more accurate, as he once discribed it, "I can Hear the Fire, the Wind.. The Ocean, It Sings to Me, The pounding ring of Metal the roar of the forge, powered by pure forces of molten rock and magma". He wares an Obsidiaoun necklace, made from a rock he had found when he was young, close to the open Magma vents where he first heard his 'Song of Ignis et Terra'. He is able to use pressure magic to forge underwater, mastifuly using the crushing strength of the water, his magic, and the heat of the very same vents he found as a child, he makes beautiful instruments, from Coral, Metals or anything he can get his hooves on. He opened up his open Forge, but quickly added a musical shop, due to the high demand of his works, he has a tendecy to overting his designs and other such smaller things, but once immersed in forging or his music, the worrys fade. He is the pround owner of the underwater Magma Core Forge And Music, but unlike most of his kind, he can be seen playing and selling his wares around the harbor.