Name: Blast-Beat
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: A lightning bolt over sound waves
Talents: Speed
Weaknesses: Impatience
Blast-Beat is a large, stocky Earth Pony colt. His coat is dark golden, and his mane is a rusty brown. His right foreleg appears slightly atrophied due to an injury he suffered some time ago.
He grew up in a suburb in Baltimare, where he participated in the track-and-field team at his school. His cutie mark didn't appear until he suffered a fracture to his right foreleg and took up percussion in the school's concert band to occupy his free time. Due to some financial difficulties after moving out of his parents' house, he moved to Horseshoe Harbor.
The Earth Pony still regularly visits Baltimare, particularly to rehearse and record with his thrash metal band, Hatecraft, for which he plays drums. The band is also composed of Datura, a Unicorn who 'sings' and plays rhythm guitar, Fuzzbox, a Pegasus on lead guitar, and Equalizer, an Earth Pony bass guitarist.
Player: Nocturne