Name: Belle de Mer
Race: Unicorn from Prance
Cutie-Mark: Fleur de Lis paired with coins
Talents: Looking fabulous even when being doused by sea spray
Weaknesses: Language barrier and being too Fancy Prancy

Like most Prench ponies she has a more slender and taller body type than your average Equestrian mare. A form closer to an alicorn's proportions. (The pony equivalent of being 'leggy'). The smooth racer's lines certainty lend to the impression that this pony could artfully trot just about anywhere and make it look like part of one long graceful dance. On her perky athletic flank her cutie is a Fleur-de-lis flanked by coins. Well people do often say the other name for pirates are treasure seekers. Even if such treasures are in the coffers of other ships.

If fresh from the ship she'd be wearing tall leather boots on all four hooves matched with a blue corsair's coat. The hem on which goes over her rump like a cloak with shined brass buttons matched with a ruffled white cravat at the neck. Though those are work clothes. It is more likely to see her simply with a beret and scarf. The hat bouncing on her curls and pushed to a jaunty angle by her horn rising in front.

Those traveling abroad might know her simply by reputation as the 'Pretty Pirate' Celestia knows just how often she's willingly let her portrait be taken for a wanted poster. She has a winsome smile and a mirthful gleam to the eye. Full of charm and humor she's likely to introduce herself with, "Je suis belle, n'est-ce pas?"