Art of Tricker Treat. Drawn by Fluttershy.
Example Concepts: Explorer, thief, traveler, guard
Notable Bat Ponies: Luna's night guards


Batponies are a rare sight in everyday Equestria, and many aren't sure they still exist. Sticking largely to their own, batponies live in caves in small nomadic groups. They tend to favor close-knit small tribes rather than the huge town-based communities other pony species tend to thrive in, and they are generally nocturnal creatures. They migrate from cave to cave as their food sources dwindle or replenish, and live largely in yurts designed for their unique cave-based lifestyle.

There's a superstition about batponies amongst most other races, however, that they were created by Nightmare Moon when she took the night, and are a product of her dark powers. Whether or not that's true, they were deemed outcasts for a very long time. Luckily, over the last thousand years that whole potential origin has been mostly forgotten, and only the crankiest, grouchiest holdouts hang onto it.

Compared to pegasi, they do not have any weather magic, and they're well-adapted to dark environments.

Food Sources

Batponies scavenge their foods from the caves around, though they have also implemented practices to help cultivate and regrow what they eat so that when they migrate back they'll have a new crop to enjoy.

  • Gloom Posy: a cave flower that has a slight blue phosphorescent glow. Their petals are light and sweet, and the stalks are crisp and light and not unlike celery.
  • Crown Mold: a hearty and nutritious form of cave mold that comes in the form of squat speckled brown mushrooms with a crown-like ring of protrusions on the cap.
  • Shademelon: a tough, pale striped melon that grows in caves. The outer rind is extraordinarily tough. They are extremely difficult to crack open, but have become particularly adapted for easy piercing by batpony fangs.


Batponies come in generally darker or greyer shades. Although such a thing as a pink batpony does exist, it will be more of a dusky pink or a dark rose color rather than a bright bubblegum. Their manes, however, can be any shade. Their eyes have slitted pupils, and their tall ears are topped with a little bit of tuft. On their back, they have the bat wings which give them their name.

Although batponies have fangs, they will never bite another pony except in dire situations of self-defense. And even then, they certainly wouldn't suck blood. Vamponies they are not.

Batponies in Horseshoe Harbor

Batponies are a relatively new occurrence in the Harbor. Although they've migrated through the Bric-a-Brac caves in the White Saddles for generations, they've never been close enough to the settlement to ever warrant coming out. But after recent tensions revolving around foalnapping, the local batponies have made themselves known and have started, at last, to mingle.

Bric-a-Brac Clan Notable NPCs

  • Tribal Patriarch: Phantom
  • Tribal Matriarch: Opera
  • …and their child, Fugue
  • Shadowguards:
    • Night-Watch
    • Dirge