Name: Auden, Audentia, Audi
Race: Zebra
Cutie-Mark: A vertical arrow
Occupation: Witch Doctor
Talents: Mental stability
Weaknesses: Physically weak
Audentia is a fairly tall Zebra with small traces of starvation. His coat is slightly discolored, and his hair is reflective in grease, but a pure smile outweighs his shifty appearance. He is donning a dirty saddlebag, filled with a variation of chemicals and elixirs clanging with each step.


I was born and generally raised in a small coastal village on the vast continent of Zebrica, but due to some insurgent feuding eventually turning sour, my family moved to Equestria to find solace.

Sadly, we were wrong.

In this state, my family was even more poor than before, having to deal with my medication and my brother's belligerent attitude, we were in a bad state. When people are this desperate, they can do stupid things.

My brother, believe it or not, got caught up in a gang, and my dad started to drink regularly. Alcohol can change a stallion to the point of no extent, my father being an example. He became unreasonably violent, resorting to using physical violence to 'raise' us.

One time, my brother fought back.

My father had the upper hand, until he was met face to face with the barrel of a handgun. My brother murdered my father, and he had his reasons, too. He ended up meeting a bullet himself in a police related shootout the next day, and my mother was in hysterics.

I was the only family she had left.

My mother told me of her desperation, her state. She needed money to say the least, so I enlisted some help from an organization of Bokors, sort of Witch Doctors that use their skills as a main occupation. They let me borrow some money, and I was on my way, easy as cake, right?

Well, not right. Months have passed and we were doing better, to say the least. We had a decent home and lots of determination to pursue the Equestrian dream, we enjoyed life. However, Bokors have a short fuse.

They wanted their money back, and even if we were doing fine, interest began to build up weeks before, and now they were expecting twice my current wealth in return. I, I couldn't do it.

These Bokors are the type that shouldn't be messed with, like, they have the power to kill you with the flick of a hoof if they were experienced. And oh, were they experienced.

My mother scolded me for my situation, telling me that I may lay under a blanket of dirt some day, and I agreed. She told me to leave, to get out of town for my life, and I would never go against my mother's orders. So I boarded a trading vessel headed for Horseshoe Harbor.

Long story short, I'm wading in my own filth on the streets, missin' my mother dearly, and hoping for the day I can come back home.

Player: Auden