Au Characters Gallery
Bloodrage, the Barbarian Leader Bloodrage.png
Bonfire and Hearth, the Elements of Kindness and Generosity hearth%20and%20bonfire.png
Daffodil, the Element of Laughter Daffodil.png
Nightmare's Eyes, the Queen's General, and her Lieutenant and Translator, Peony Eyes.png
Nightmare's Fury, the Queen's Assassin Fury.png
Glimmer, the Professor's Assistant Glimmer.png
Heatsink, the Mechanic Heatsink.png
Maelstrom, the Element of Magic Maelstrom.png
Monsoon, the Element of Loyalty Monsoon.png
Pinkie Pie, the Snow Scout pinkie.png
Spectre, the Element of Honesty Spectre.png
Nightmare's Will, the Will of the Queen Will.png