There are two reasons to play an antagonist. The first is simply to explore a different side: to play a character that happily breaks rules because that perspective is simply different than being a Protagonist. They're usually seen as underdogs because all odds are stacked against them, even when it's supposed to be the other way around. So they tend to be fun simply because you can Get Away with Anything until you get beat down. (And you will get beat down.)

The other perspective is to create story. Everybody loves a protagonist, but protagonists are only as good as the villains they beat up. Batman and the Joker is a perfect example of this. Batman is awesome… But Batman wouldn't be half the hero he is if he didn't have villains like the Joker pushing his buttons all over the place. In some ways, the antagonists control the story, because if they didn't exist, the protagonists would never have gone through the horrible ordeals or struggles that led them to become heroes.

In short, play an antagonist if you want to be the story. Don't play an antagonist if you just want to grief and be a dick.

First off, let me impress upon you that this is a cooperative MUSH. You are not permitted to create an antagonist to go after another player or their characters with whom you have Issues OOC. You cannot create an antagonist to wreak wanton destruction on the grid or the players. You absolutely cannot create an antagonist just to be a dick to people. So cool your jets, there.

If you create an antagonist, you're going to have to be doubly careful about working with other players. You need to make sure you're playing with characters who don't mind being antagonized, and you need to always be communicative so that they understand what your plans and goals for the scene is. You need to be open to amending your plans for the benefit and entertainment of all involved. Playing an antagonist takes extra, special care.

You must also keep in mind that even if the bad guys win the battle, the good guys win the war. To play an antagonist is to set yourself up to lose in the future.

Because playing an antagonist is a difficult proposition, antagonist applications are restricted. Check out these awesome guidelines I've got for you:

  • You cannot create an antagonist as your first character.
  • You must discuss your idea with the staff ahead of time. We can give you a preliminary thumbs up or thumbs down, as well as help you ground your ideas in the setting and world.
  • Seriously, make sure your character is cohesive and well-done. Feel free to ask questions of staff if need be.