Ronwyn Wind Dancer
Name: Ronwyn Wind Dancer
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Dream Writer
Talents: Writing vivid stories from dreams of things she's never seen, and finding her way around by feeling the air currents and the way they move
Weaknesses: She is blind and easy to anger when someone tries to claim any form of superiority, even if its only in age.
Blind at birth Ronwyn is a slow flyer, delicately using all her skill to feel the air currents to judge the basic shape of her surroundings. She began dreaming at the age of three of things she had not, and could not possibly have seen. Gifted with a quill enchanted to dictate her words and she started to write stories from her dreams. When she wrote a book and had it published she gained her cutie mark. Her parents have always coddled her, treating her as weak. And so, feeling smothered by her parents, at age 24, she has fled Cloudsdale to find a new home of her own. She dreams of someday being able to fly across all Equestria, sharing her stories.
Player: Adeth Ghautia