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The address for PonyMUSH has changed! The new address is Please update your clients' connection info with this address.

Additionally, the wiki is now located at Images and other wiki materials that pointed to addresses may be broken until they can be individually corrected to reflect the new address.


To see all the headers we've had, check out the header gallery! This header was drawn by Fluttershy!

PonyMUSH is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-themed MUSH set in Horseshoe Harbor, a new beachside pony settlement. To connect, point your telnet application of choice to If you don't know what that means, we have a simple guide at MUSHing 101. Getting started is easy!

MUSHes are text-based roleplaying games, conducted over telnet. We're a fun and light-hearted community full of awesome people, friendly chatter, and fun storytelling. Drop in and give us a shot!

  • We do not allow Feature (Canon) Characters, nor do we allow alicorns, or high-powered characters. We expect all of our players to act like adults and cooperate with each other. Please act accordingly!
  • We have a PG-13 rating, and require players to be 13 and over. For more information, see: Rating.

MLP:FiM is copyright to Hasbro. Please be respectful of the source material.

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